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THE GREAT DANGER By Witness Kenpaul Obieke



Witness Kenpaul Obieke


2 Timothy 2:9-13 KJV
[9] Wherein I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds; but the word of God is not bound. [10] Therefore I endure all things for the elect’s sakes, that they may also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory. [11] It is a faithful saying: For if we be dead with him , we shall also live with him : [12] If we suffer, we shall also reign with him : if we deny him , he also will deny us: [13] If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.”

On this very particular day morning in this never to be forgotten divine revelation, there was serious weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Many people were denied of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for not defending His true Gospel right at the gate of Heaven. The irony of this was that many of these people arrived the gate of Heaven thinking they will enter as they felt qualified. Their denial from entering by Jesus Christ Himself was a shocker they will never recover from in hell eternally. The Lord has a way of driving home very serious matters that are taken lightly by people through revelations because many will perish as a result of that. The Lord said and I quote Him as a Living witness: ” Not defending My true Gospel fully will cost you Heaven. Forget your crown if you are not contending for this. I have no place for lukewarm people or cowards in My Kingdom.”

Heaven will be full of surprises. Many G.Os, bishops, apostles, daddies and mummies, deacons and all title holders and so called Christians will be surprised. People you least expect will not be there in Heaven including some ministers you worship as God on earth. Christ will deny them that He never knew them despite their wonderful works. Some of your mentors that have been tormenting Christ with “another gospel” will cry had I known. It is only the truth that sets free and once the truth is interfered with eternal doom booms.

Some of the people in that revelation had so much regret because they lived right but never defended the Gospel of Christ as they ought to. If you love Christ, you must defend His true Gospel no matter what. Some of the people thought it was okay to mind their own business as in living right but not contending for the faith once delivered to the Apostles. Some were afraid of stepping on toes or being termed one thing or the other. Some wanted to belong to the ‘happening’ people. All these amounted to denying Christ who Himself is the truth. Christ said:” The worst thing you can do to yourself as a claimed follower of Me is not to defend My true Gospel even with your life.”

If you are a sincere Christian that is not blind, you can see that the faith once delivered to the Apostles is fast disappearing. The bastardizing of the Gospel everywhere is satan’s Endtime strategy to ambush many who do not know that Christianity is a military assignment. You are called not only to accept the Truth but to defend it with everything you have including your life. Not defending the truth shows you are a hypocrite apart from being a coward. This is irritating to the Lord. Rev 21.

All the saints of old defended the Truth not church, denomination or religion with all their being. Defending the Truth is not about insulting or cursing and abusing people but being firm on your stand with Christ’ sound doctrine of His Gospel and opening the eyes of the blind being led by the blind or the wolves to destruction. It will not be easy that is why there is much compromise. You need to study well to be able to do this. Study to be approved as a watchman rightly dividing the word of truth. The Word of truth can be wrongly divided and it will become a lie. That is what the enemy is doing now to populate hell and depopulate Heaven. No time are you to depend on anybody who misinterprets the word of God to lead you astray. In the book of Acts were a group of Christians that will always go back to scripturally check what Paul taught them. Eloquence is not what makes preaching. That you are exciting people does not mean Heaven is excited.

We are in the deadliest of all times now when the last evil harvest of Satan empire is at the peak because his days are numbered and Christ will soon be here. But imagine most Christians sleeping. The issue of Rapture is already wrapped up with the signs. The time of falling away from the Truth is happening now according to the bookThessalonians. Satan is already seated and taking the worship of God in many churches without some of them even knowing. Take note of the place of serious attack towards Christianity which is against the word of God with subtlety. Even the elects must watch it as some of the wise virgins could be dis-virgin one way or the other. Christianity is not casual. It is about the cross which has to do with death and new life. It is war not entertainment. Only the violent will make Heaven. Not being violent over sin and towards righteousness is a joke you will live to regret forever no matter what they preach to you. You cannot be a sinner and a saint the same time no matter your claim. Jesus Christ did not come to promote sin or unrighteousness. Those who will live righteously shall be persecuted says the word of God. They shall enter Kingdom of Heaven through tribulation. God is not the author of confusion. You cannot stroll to enter Heaven when you are asked to strive to enter. Matthew 7. If you are strolling, you are on the way to hell fire. The Broadway might lead to abroad but not Heaven, only the Narrow way takes to Heaven. Let them explain it to deceive you if you like. Grace did not change Ten Commandments or said that all it condemned are now permitted. Christ being the fulfillment of the laws did not change “thou shall not steal or commit adultery and murder”. Your salvation must be worked out from the inside where Christ now lives and takes charge. Even those who think they stand are warned to take heed least they fall. I have found out that one thing that will lead people to eternal destruction is association. If you associate with those who are not on the Narrow way you will definitely miss it. Evil communication will not spare you. Vanity upon vanity has not changed from vanity.

Many ministers are in danger now. In a time when people are interested no more in the Truth but looking for those that will be scratching their itching ears, many ministers will disappoint Christ and miss it completely. No wonder brother Paul warned Timothy his son in the ministry vehemently. Most pastors today no more hear from God but preach what will interest hell bound audience. Thus depopulating Heaven and populating hell. This is the time the Lord is counting on His true soldiers, the Endtime army. The argument concerning laws, grace and the rest continues. People are looking for excuse to continue in sin which is abuse of grace. Somebody that do not care about sacrificing to promote the genuine work of God in this Endtime will look for excuses and will follow anybody against sacrificial giving for souls harvest not knowing he or she will pay more for that. Christ gave you all and you owe Him all. We are not under laws but not out laws. The Holy Spirit still bears the fruits of holiness and righteousness in true believers. You cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven living in sin. Ephesians 5.

I saw sincerely wrong people weep at the gate of Heaven? Are you among them? It is not enough to be a Christian but not defending the truth committedly and sacrificially with all you have. Christianity is about giving all. You cannot give your life and not give all. Where and how you give is important if you will have eternal reward from the Master.

People will most times deny you and not give you all the support you need when you are contending for the true Gospel. Will it be compared with Christ denial of you and eternal regret? Do you know what it means to hear: “I never knew you, depart from Me, you workers of iniquity?” When I look at some people today who do not know that man’s approval is God’s denial, I pity them.

The goats and the sheep are about to be separated forever. Why be a goat to any pastor, church, the world or the devil rather than being Christ sheep? Not defending the Truth or contending for the Gospel once delivered to the saints has already disqualified you totally before Christ. I am not a men pleaser, far be that. Being on the Lord’s side is all you need. The same people that sang Hossana few days shouted crucify Him. You are at your best when you are a defender of the Truth and contender of the faith once given to the Apostles. The Gospel cannot be modernized or else it will be demonized. Christ is counting on you to defend or contend for the true Gospel not to be adulterated, watered or corrupted. If you are not doing this, you are not on the Lord’s side and is already committing spiritual suicide.


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